"The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you."

B.B. King

What you get:

  • 60 groovy cards

  • Free Safety Guide (PDF)

  • $5 worth of bitcoin

Unboxing the Bitcoin Starter Box

Everything you need to know about Bitcoin in one box. These 60 cards contain explanations about Bitcoin using jokes, fun facts, newspaper headlines, geeky details, practical tips, and more.

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Bitcoin Starter Box back
Bitcoin card_ what backs it up
Bitcoin: what backs it up
Bitcoin card_ bitcoin is a ponzi scheme.
Bitcoin is a ponzi scheme: Start2Bitcoin
Bitcoin wallets card: Start2Bitcoin
Bitcoin card: jokes

One box, many things

Is Bitcoin a far away galaxy in which you can't see the individual planets and stars? Are you overwhelmed when peering in on this galaxy from the outside? Is it a new, better currency, a risky investment, or is it just nerd money?


So now what? 

Lucky for you, we’ve designed The Ultimate Bitcoin Starter Box which will serve as your compass while you explore every unique planet in the Bitcoin galaxy - and prevent you from getting sucked into any black holes!


It’s simple.

This box is designed for people with limited to no understanding of Bitcoin. It gives a complete overview without you having to perform endless days of internet research. It will even hold your hand while claiming the included $5 in Bitcoin.  Easy ànd safe.

Right now you’re at the edge of the galaxy, peering through your telescope…


Let’s explore it together!

You might ...

  • Stick one or two cards in your purse or wallet to remind you of the fundamental truths

  • Give someone a gift they can't pay you back .. knowledge

  • Tuck a card into a note to give to a friend when they face doubts

The Safety Guide

As we couldn’t get all the practical information in a box, we've created this additional Safety Guide for you. 


It contains the best resources to navigate yourself through the Bitcoin universe.

Best of all, it's free!


Want one?
Click on the box

The $5 worth of Bitcoins isn't included in the digital version.

Thanks to the guys from La Bitcoineta we will soon have a Spanish version of the Bitcoin Starter Box. Let's bring Bitcoin education of Latin-America to the next level. Together!

Bitcoin Starter Box: La Bitcoineta logo

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