What could Bitcoin mean for your business, Santiago (Chile)

Scaling the Bitcoin Blockchain, Chiang Mai (Thailand)

Levi Haegebaert studied economics at the University of Ghent, Belgium. Involved since 2015, he is currently traveling the world, giving talks about Bitcoin and scaling solutions for blockchain technology at various events, meetups, and companies. Before he was a consultant and project leader in a major consulting firm.

As co-organiser of the largest Bitcoin meetup in Belgium and through his start-up, he’s investigating ways to stimulate adoption and contribute to this space. As a first product, he created the Bitcoin Starter Box which helps people to find their way in this new technology.

He can bring an added value to you by speaking about various topics regarding Bitcoin and blockchain technology. Through his economic and technical background, he tackles it from different angles, added with relevant examples to your specific industry.

Start2Bitcoin workshop, Ghent (Belgium)

The Lightning network, Saigon (Vietnam)

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